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‘Adopt a Senior Trail and Area’ sends a big thank you to community

Letter from Jennifer Williams
In total, 142 seniors at Rose Wood Village, Columbia View Lodge, Poplar Ridge, and other local seniors, received personalized Christmas gifts.

Words cannot express how truly thankful I am to everyone who helped and who donated to our amazing group, ‘Adopt A Senior Trail and Area.’

What started off as, ‘Adopt A Senior with Jen’ with 80 members quickly grew to over 300 members and needed to be renamed.

With the added help from Bounce Radio, the Trail Times, and social media, our new venture took off!

We received donations from businesses like Performance Fitness, No Frills, and Teck.

These companies made it possible to increase our donations and top off the gift bags, as well as contribute money to the Care Homes to purchase gift cards for any future needs for our seniors.

In total, 142 seniors received personalized Christmas gifts. Seniors at Rose Wood Village, Columbia View Lodge, Poplar Ridge and other local seniors were the recipients of these amazing gifts.

The outpouring of help from the community was indescribable, to say the least.

I would like to thank Tara DeJong (Mills Office Supply) and Shelley Robinson (Warehouse One) for taking on the responsibility of being a Drop-off location and delivering gifts to my home.

A special thank you to Tara Scott for joining me in opening a non-profit account so that we can continue to accept donations to keep this valuable group going and provide for our seniors.

Above all, a massive thank you to all the wonderful people in our amazing community who adopted a senior and to those who gave extra items for donation. Without your kindness and generosity, this group would not be what it is today!

From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Our group will continue to donate throughout the year as we like to celebrate all the holidays with our seniors.

If you are interested in donating, please look us up on Facebook – ‘Adopt A Senior Trail and Area’ or email me, at

Again, thank you so much Trail and area citizens for your big hearts!

Jennifer Williams,