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B.C. Aspen Group branch says, ‘Help us start a conversation’

Letter to the Editor from Kent Goodwin of Kimberley

Dear Editor,

Sometimes, when faced with complex challenges, competing interests and no obvious pathway forward, the best approach is to step away from the present and figure out where you need to end up in the long term.

If you look far enough into the future, many things that currently seem impossible, become possible.

Once you have a clear idea of where you want to go, you can backcast your way from that future to the present and create the intermediate steps that will make the journey possible.

The first step, is to imagine your destination.

In a world faced with many challenges, the Aspen Group, a small informal think-tank in rural British Columbia, has written a very brief description of a future world, 200-500 years from now, where humans and the ecosystems of the planet are in balance.

We are encouraging people to have a look at the description at and help us start a conversation about where we need to go.

If enough of us can see the destination, perhaps finding our way there won’t be as difficult as we think.

Kent Goodwin,


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Letter to the Editor