Trail resident writes that he no longer feels safe in the city. Photo: Umit Bulut on Unsplash

Trail resident writes that he no longer feels safe in the city. Photo: Umit Bulut on Unsplash

Changing dynamics in Trail

Letter to the Editor from David MacKay

As a long time resident of Trail for over 40 years, I am extremely concerned with the changing dynamics of our city.

Up to now I have always felt safe in town and have never been afraid to walk anywhere alone at anytime of the day.

I no longer feel that way!

Furthermore, I did not need to worry about leaving items unattended on my property or not secured down.

In addition, I feel our incidents of crime have increased significantly and have become more serious in nature. These include stabbings, arson, random gunshots and rampant theft!

In regards to the dramatic increase in the number of street people arriving in town on a regular basis, I feel this needs to stop soon as possible, we are unable to manage the numbers.

We need to help our local street people with addictions and mental health issues first!

The donwtown location of the current shelter is a major problem as it has a negative impact on businesses as a citizen, I feel unsafe.

I no longer use bank machines as this space is often occupied by individuals who prefer to shoot up, mis-behave or sleep in the enclosed area.

Apparently, I am not alone as others have informed me of huow uncomfortable they feel using the same resources downtown.

Consequently, I feel the shelter needs to be removed from the downtown core and relocated elsewhere.

Better yet, it could be replaced by supportive housing.

Shelters continue to enable addicts to continue along an ominous path without the support or resources for substance abuse.

On the other hand, supportive housing provides not only shelter and food, but also 24-7 mental health staff and others to help manage them to return to a more productive life.

If we are not part of the solution, we are part of the problem.

Our city council must lead the way!

Kind Regards,

David MacKay


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