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Council must consider the housing needs of Rossland seniors

Letter to the Editor from Jackie Drysdale of Rossland
A concept drawing of proposed Rossland seniors development. Photo: Contributed

I was totally amazed to read the Rossland News and Trail Times of July 8, that a much needed facility for Rossland seniors, was denied by Rossland council at their last meeting.

Times are changing!

Seniors need to leave their single family homes and move into a facility that caters to their needs.

Although there is a construction boom in Rossland right now, with prices at 20+ per cent for real estate, there is not a place for seniors to go if they wish to sell and continue to live in Rossland.

Cesary Ksiazek’s proposal:

- underground parking

- 40 units - lots of variety (1 - 3 bedrooms)

- 2 elevators

- on the bus loop

- contains a meeting area for residents

Land is available.

I have every confidence that Cerary Ksiazek can build a facility that residents would be happy to live in — his track record for building in Rossland is unblemished!

The reasons given in the press coverage for denial are negotiable!

Why hold on to a 24-unit size when so much more, including costs to individuals, is possible with more units? 50 per cent coverage of lot?

The demographics for Rosslanders speaks for itself.

Many seniors are in need of facility living, now, and many more in the future.

The Okanagan is out for finding a place to live that is comparable.

Trail is an option but Rosslanders would be unhappy saying they were forced to go there by their own council.

One suggestion - council needs some planning assistance - only one person to deal with all the renovations, heritage concerns, new buildings, easements, etc. - not that long ago, before there was a building boom in Rossland, we had two planners.

Too much to try and fit everything into rules and regulations - expecting the proposals to fit them or be denied.

Certainly, to expect the planning department ( one person) to “work with” major proposals is not possible.

I would ask council to seriously consider “working with the developer” to finally add a much needed facility to Rossland’s mix of housing choices.

Please consider the seniors of Rossland before it is too late!


Jackie Drysdale