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Harsh reality for The Royal Theatre has Trail movie-goer penning plea

Letter to the editor from Virginia Clover
Photo: Royal Theatre

Letter to the Editor from Virginia Clover


The Royal Theatre is up for sale.

Robberies, gross defacement of property, a bizarre death, constant verbal abuse and fear of physical assault have provoked this business defeat.

Having for years enjoyed Hollywood movies, “live from” international operas, ballets and theatre productions, the Art Council Film Series and special events with grand kids, I am sickened by this news.

Many community groups benefit from the creative energy, hard work, good taste and significant financial investments which make The Royal one of the top ten movie houses in Canada.

Let’s face it.

The handful of negative folks that threaten to make the downtown core a ghost town are not going anywhere.

Our new city council needs to think of creative ways, big and small , to keep businesses on Cedar and Bay Avenues from throwing in the towel.

And I encourage everyone to shower Lisa Milne and her staff at the Royal with appreciation, support and encouragement.

Let’s try to turn this decision around before it is too late.

Virginia Clover,


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