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Letter cuts through ‘fog of misinformation’

Letter to the Editor from Joslyn Sharp of Trail

Many thanks to Antoinette Halberstadt for her letter (“What is the U.N. Migration Pact?” Trail Times, April 19).

She took the time and trouble to check the original document and present us with actual quotes in context shedding light through the fog of misinformation that has enveloped this country in recent months. We have heard a lot of fear mongering from those who hope to make political gains from appealing to our fight or flight instincts.

Far from being a threat to our national sovereignty, the UN pact for migration, recognizes each signatory’s right to control it’s own borders and the flow of immigrants it allows through them.

The UN is doing a vital job with this which is to allow nation states to collaborate and plan around current and future international challenges. At a time when most of us recognize climate change as a global issue, this kind of international collaboration is crucial.

We are fortunate to have the UN to help us listen to our better angels and act in responsible and humane ways towards our neighbours across the globe no matter their race, religion, gender or ethnicity especially those less fortunate than we are who are fleeing persecution and violence.

Joslyn Sharp