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Trail should follow Montrose’s lead and require curbside garbage cans

Letter from Janis Becker Pos
Plastic garbage bins: a simple solution that goes a long way to making this a cleaner town. Photo: Unsplash

The town of Montrose just passed a bylaw requiring that all garbage bags put out for collection be contained in plastic bins (Trail Times, March 28, “Garbage cans required in Montrose”).

We need this requirement in Trail as well!

Today on a walk around West Trail I noticed four bags of garbage that had been hauled off the roadways recently by bears and strewn along green spaces.

Bags are torn apart and the garbage is left there forever unless someone cleans it up.

I try my best when I can but the solution is simple.

Residents need to use plastic garbage bins!

It’s such a simple solution that requires so little effort on the part of residents, but goes a long way to making this a cleaner town.

Garbage is a pollutant and an aesthetic blight.

We can do better.

Please contact the City of Trail and let them know you want what Montrose has done.

Only City Hall can make this happen with a bylaw.

Who doesn’t want a cleaner town?

Janis Becker Pos,


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