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Trail utility bill is too high for seniors

Letter to the Editor from Margaret Crowe of Trail
”How does a senior even use $400 worth of water?” asks Margaret Crowe.

The annual sewer, water and garbage bill for Trail taxpayers is getting out of hand, especially for low income seniors.

Yes, we get a discount. But it’s the same for everyone.

Fifty or $60 is not much for people on higher incomes, but it needs to be even higher for low income seniors who get the GIS (Guaranteed Income Supplement), or less, to top their income.

The government wants us to stay in our homes.

Is that going to be possible with rising taxes and this utility bill?

How does a senior living alone use $400 worth of water?

I went to the city and said my piece.

I was told I could write a letter.

I said, “No, I will go to the Trail Times.”

So I hope this letter will help to get some attention for us seniors and for people with low incomes.

I think Trail is a great place to live.

Maybe we need a seniors mobile home park where we could live at a cheaper cost.

Margaret Crowe,