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UPDATE: Ecosystem restoration burn begins at Deer Park Mountain

Smoke may be visible from Deer Park, Renata, Castlegar, Edgewood and Highway 6
The B.C. Wildfire Service has begun an ecosystem restoration burn near Deer Park. Photo: B.C. Wildfire Service

The BC Wildfire Service (BCWS) began an ecosystem restoration burn just outside of Deer Park on Monday, March 18.

BCWS created a “blackline” on Monday, which means they pre-burned small sections of fuel next to the burn perimeter.

“This is done to reinforce containment lines and make a safe space for firefighters to work from,” said BCWS in a statement Monday.

The blacklining is happening separately from the main ignition, which was scheduled to begin in the afternoon of March 19 if favourable conditions continued.

The prescribed burn will cover up to 450 hectares, over an ignition period of two-to-four days.

Smoke may impact the residents close to the burn area and be visible from Deer Park, Renata, Castlegar and Edgewood as well as for motorists travelling along Highway 6.

Despite all precautions to manage it, unintended smoke impacts are possible after any burn, says BCWS.

Residents can also expect to see helicopters in the area during the operation.

Key goals of this prescribed burn include helping to restore forest health and properly functioning open forest conditions, addressing forest health issues associated with overly dense tree stands and reducing the risk of catastrophic wildfires in the area.

BCWS says that because fire is a normal and natural process in many of B.C.’s ecosystems, they regularly work with land managers to undertake fuel management activities (including the use of prescribed burns), to help achieve land management objectives, reduce the severity of future wildfires and increase ecosystem and wildfire resilience.

More information about prescribed burning can be found at:

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