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20-year-old N driver goes 200 km/h on B.C. highway, blows engine, gets mom’s car impounded

Driver given $788 in tickets, said he just ‘wanted to see how fast the car could go’
Image of the 2003 Mazda Protégé after its engine blew following the police stop. Image courtesy of Abbotsford Police.

When Abbotsford Police asked why he was travelling at over 200 kilometres an hour in the early morning hours, the 20-year-old N driver said he just “wanted to see how fast the car could go.”

His mom’s 2003 Mazda Protégé was headed east on Highway 1 when it was clocked going double the speed limit by an unmarked police vehicle near the Sumas Way exit at 2:40 a.m. on Jan. 23, according to Const. Paul Walker, media officer with Abbotsford Police Department.

“This driver made some incredibly poor choices that put other motorists and himself at risk,” he said.

More police resources were called in before a vehicle stop was attempted, but Walker said the driver stopped and cooperated.

He noted the man had no previous interactions with police officers, and was not impaired.

He was given tickets totalling $788 for excessive speeding, driving without consideration and failing to display the N sign, Walker said, adding he will likely have his licence suspended once the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles reviews all the violations.

Walker said the car was going so fast that it blew out the engine, and now the car has been impounded for seven days, Walker said.

The violations would add nine points to the driver’s licence, and he would also be responsible for all towing costs, according to ICBC’s website.

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