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Advance voting for Greater Trail elections starts Wednesday

Resident electors are required to produce 2 pieces of ID, at least one with a signature
Advance voting starts Wednesday, Oct. 5 between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. Photo: File

With the Trail and Warfield all-candidate forums in the bank, and the Beaver Valley forum set for this evening and Rossland tomorrow night, the electorate is reminded that advance voting starts Wednesday, Oct. 5, between the hours of 8 a.m. and 8 p.m.

The voting stations for Trail will be in the aquatic centre and Warfield’s advance polling will be in council chambers at the village office. As well, anyone casting a ballot in Montrose or Fruitvale on Oct. 5 may do so at their respective village office. Advance voting in Rossland will take place in the miners’ hall.

What do you need to vote?

Resident electors are required to produce two pieces of identification, at least one with a signature. Picture identification is not necessary. The identification must prove both residency and identity.

Non-resident property electors must produce two pieces of identification, at least one with a signature, to prove identity, as well as proof that they are entitled to register in relation to the property, and if applicable, written consent from the majority of the other property owners.

How can you register to vote if you are not on the voter list?

A list of qualified electors entitled to vote at the election has been prepared on the basis of the Provincial List of Voters. If you are not on the list of electors, you may register at the time of voting by completing the required application form available at the voting place.

To register you must meet the following qualifications: 18 years of age or older on Oct. 15, general voting day; Canadian citizen; resident of B.C. for at least six months immediately preceding voting day; resident of the respective municipality on the day of registration; or a registered owner of real property in the municipality for at least 30 days immediately preceding voting day (non-resident property elector); and not otherwise disqualified from voting.

For the non-resident property elector, when registering, you will be required to provide two pieces of identification: one containing your name and address, the other with your name and signature. In addition to the identification, you will need satisfactory proof of ownership in the form of a tax notice, assessment notice or other legal documentation proving property ownership, such as a bill of sale issued prior to Sept. 14, 2022. Non-resident property electors can only vote once, regardless of the number of properties they own in municipal proper. If more than one person owns the property, only one owner may register, and that person must have the written consent of a majority of the other owners.

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