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All welcome to ‘Hope for the Holidays’ in Trail

Gathering being hosted by Clark’s Funeral Home and Greater Trail Hospice Society
All are welcome to Hope for the Holidays in Trail United Church on Sunday, Dec. 10. RSVP by Dec. 1. Photo: Unsplash

Christmastime comes hand in hand with traditions that stir fond memories, often welling up thoughts of those no longer at the table.

These feelings are wistful for some; for others this nostalgia can intensify feelings of loss and sorrow.

For those needing comfort and an extra warm embrace this season, Clark’s Funeral Services and the hospice society are hosting “Hope for the Holidays,” on Sunday, Dec. 10 at 2 p.m. in Trail United Church.

“We are proud to work with the Greater Trail Hospice Society to host this community event designed to provide support for individuals who are experiencing loss,” Bill Clark, Clark’s Funeral Services, shares.

Loss can be many things.

“Including the loss of a loved one or a personal event such as a separation or divorce, a financial burden of losing their home or they are simply struggling financially, living pay cheque to pay cheque,” says Clark.

This year Clark’s Funeral Home is inviting all of their client families served over the last year to be part of Hope for the Holidays.

Through the funeral home’s Facebook page and letters to families, they are asking permission to use photos over the last year for a video tribute that will be part of the service. Hospice is also circulating posters in the community and online.

Those attending the Dec. 10 service will be invited to come forward to light a candle in memory of their loved one, or to simply acknowledge whatever loss they are experiencing.

“As part of the ceremony, hospice will light candles remembering mothers, fathers, parents, brothers and sisters and extended family, remembering individuals who have changed our lives forever or simply for loved ones we give thanks for life, hope and courage,” Clark explains.

Words of support will be given by Gail Potter and Tammy McLean with music offered by Audrey Bisset.

“Our hope is that not only families that have already suffered a loss through death, but perhaps those going through the dying process with a family member or friend, would attend the service,” Clark shares. “We truly want to be inclusive of all grief.”

The holiday season can be tremendously difficult for many reasons; Hope for the Holidays is a way to acknowledge and support the message that it’s okay to be feeling overwhelmed regardless of the loss the person is experiencing.

“Our hope is to provide a safe place for individuals to express their loss and know they are not alone,” Clark shares.

“My experience in past years is that people tell me they come away feeling less isolated in their grief and have been able to connect with resources in the community that can help if needed.”

RSVP by Dec. 1.

Call Clark’s Funeral Services at 250.368.8080 or email:

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