Fireworks at Silver City Days, May 2017. (Trail Times file photo)

Fireworks at Silver City Days, May 2017. (Trail Times file photo)

Bright ideas on the way for Silver City Days

Shooting Star has operated the midway for the past three years; contract extended until 2021

Front-line faces will change and fresh ideas are surfacing after the torch was passed to new planners for the city’s annual Silver City Days.

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Councillors Carol Dobie and Colleen Jones will take the lead for the next edition, after Coun. Sandy Santori’s four-year stint and the retirement of committee-chair Keith Smyth.

While it’s too early to reveal what those new highlights might be come May, one thing is certain. Shooting Star Amusements will stick around until 2021 after Trail council recently agreed to extend the contract for the Vancouver-based company.

How it works financially, is that the city doesn’t actually pay Shooting Star to come to town.

“The contract is structured such that the city receives 15 per cent of the revenue they derive from ticket sales from the amusement rides,” explained Sandy Lucchini, deputy corporate administrator.

“So the city actually receives revenue from the arrangement with Shooting Star that is used to fund other Silver City Days events the city plans, like the fireworks, entertainment and other expenses,” she added.

“The revenue that the city gets from the midway contract is variable because we don’t know how much revenue they will earn each year but, especially with good weather, it forms a substantial amount of the budget that is used to fund Silver City Days as-a-whole.”

Shooting Star brings a fresh clean look to the popular midway rides, and present as a family-oriented carnival with more rides for smaller children, Lucchini noted to council.

“Any issues that arise are dealt with in a professional manner,” she said. “With a common interest in seeing the festival succeed.”