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Buckley’s maintains summer security

After last summer's trouble BC Hydro reps say there will still be security on site this recreation season.

After “unruly guests” closed down Buckley’s Campground last summer, BC Hydro reps say there will still be security on site this recreation season.

Early last July, there were complaints from some of the 29,00 annual users of the campground and day-use area, concerning threats of violence, excessive alcohol use, and “other unsafe activities” coming from a small group of guests.

The complaints resulted in a temporary closure of the day-use area while property owners, BC Hydro, took a look at the situation.

Mary Anne Coules, stakeholder engagement advisor for the utility company, says this summer, the security installed last July will remain on site when Buckley’s opens up.

“To help ensure ongoing public safety on the site, BC Hydro will maintain an onsite security presence,” she told the Trail Times, adding that any issues in the upcoming recreation season will be taken very seriously.

“We must ensure that the safety of park users is not put at risk, and will be required to close the site for the remainder of the 2015 recreation season if there are any further public safety incidents at this location.”

Coules also wants to remind those who chose to spend time at the Pend D’Orielle recreation area, that there are rules that need to be followed.

“Those who use the Buckley Day Use Area and boat ramp will be reminded that alcohol is not permitted on the beach, boat launch or walking around the site and that parking is limited,” she said. “This campsite and day-use area will be open to the public from mid-May to the end of September.”