Call leads to separate arrest

Police responding to missing person request also find fugitive

Local RCMP and fire department were called to the Victoria Street Bridge Wednesday night around 8:30 p.m., looking for one individual and finding another.

Originally police were notified by hospital staff that a Daly Pavilion patient was walking in the area and they were concerned for her safety.

The female patient was legally off hospital property, said Sgt. Rob Hawton.

When RCMP arrived at the bridge however, they came across a Trail man wanted for a previous event a day earlier.

According to the press release, the man jumped off the side of the bridge into the river when officers told him he was under arrest.

The Regional Fire Department was contacted to launch the rescue boat, but the male made it to shore on his own where he was subsequently arrested.

During the time the male was taken into custody, the female hospital patient was seen floating down the river towards the old bridge, where a local citizen in his boat was able to hold on to her until another boater provided assistance and they returned to the boat launch.

RCMP did not know how she ended up in the river.

At the same time as the above incidents, RCMP received another call about two people holding onto a log floating down the river, however rescue boat patrols were unable to locate anyone matching the description.

Witnesses in the area also did not see anyone else in the river and no missing persons have been reported.

Neither of the individuals sustained any injuries. The male appeared in Nelson court yesterday facing charges of break and enter, breach of Court Order, obstruction of a peace officer and escaping custody.

No updates were available at press time.