Changes to short-term rental fees won’t be occurring until 2022. Photo: Connor Trembley

Changes to short-term rental fees won’t be occurring until 2022. Photo: Connor Trembley

City council delays eliminating two short-term rental fees until 2022

Councillors said more discussion needs occur with residents before fee changes are implemented

Two short-term rentals fees won’t be eliminated on Jan. 1, 2021 in Rossland as previously anticipated.

City council has asked staff to review an amended businesses license bylaw that would have eliminated a $400 deposit for residents setting up a short-term rental and a $150 Tourism Rossland fee that property owners pay annually for having a short-term rental.

“We had a short-term rental operator come talk to council at our last meeting and the biggest thing we felt is that there needs to be more communication about why we’re charging what we charge,” said Mayor Kathy Moore.

“That includes explaining how this business license for short-term rentals compares to businesses licenses for downtown businesses.”

According to a report by city deputy corporate officer Cynthia Annonuevo, the bylaw would have also increased inspection fees in 2021 for property owners wanting to set-up a short-term rental. The fees would have increased from $40 to $100 for property owners with one or two guest rooms and from $40 to $200 for property owners with three or more guest rooms or a guest home.

Despite the delays, city council still expect fee changes around short-term rentals to occur down the road.

“This decisions means the short-term rental fees won’t change until January 2022.” said Moore.

“Businesses licenses come up every January and with the discussion that city staff need to have with stakeholders around this bylaw, there’s not enough time to implement the fee changes by January 2021.”

There are currently 34 short-term rentals in downtown Rossland, and up to 88 are permitted to operate.

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