(Photo: Columbia Basin Trust)

(Photo: Columbia Basin Trust)

Columbia Basin Trust postpones all 2020 public engagements

Fall symposium in Trail will not go ahead due to coronavirus pandemic

In response to COVID-19, Columbia Basin Trust is postponing the public engagement process to renew its strategic plan, including community meetings scheduled this spring and the two regional symposia this fall.

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“Basin residents and communities are focused on public health. We recognize that as our shared priority, and we are therefore postponing our entire engagement process including community events,” said Johnny Strilaeff, Columbia Basin Trust president and chief executive officer.

“We will reschedule our conversations with Basin residents about our renewed strategic plan at a future date when the public health risk is no longer a concern and people have the time and space for the engagement.”

The postponement includes:

• Deferring the previously announced March to June community meetings

• Suspending the online engagement on March 31, which is accessible by visiting imagine.ourtrust.org

• Postponing the Basin Youth Network Leadership Summit, scheduled for April 24 to 26 in Kimberley

• Postponing the two regional Symposia which were planned for October.

The postponement of the engagement process will not impact any other Trust services and staff continue to be available to respond to comments, questions or requests from residents, Strilaeff said. In addition, the Trust is reaching out to partners and recipients to offer additional support, as well as consider new or different ways to address priorities during this challenging time.

“We recognize that many of our recipients and partners will experience challenges as a result of the impacts of COVID-19 and may require additional support from the Trust,” said Strilaeff. “We welcome and encourage you to reach out to us if this is true for you.”


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