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East Trail business owners petition for better signage

Most tourists are not aware there is a secondary business hub in Trail, and that impacts their dollars and cents.
The current sign indicating the East Trail business sector is located along the highway between Second and Third avenues.

Most tourists are not aware there is a secondary business hub in Trail - and that impacts their dollars and cents.

With that insight, 25 East Trail business owners recently submitted a petition to the city asking for help with way finding signage that would encourage visitors to turn off the highway onto Second Avenue, and check out those merchants and service professionals.

Specifically, businesses operators petitioned for sign installation on the corner of Second Avenue and Highway 3B with an arrow pointing in the direction of the East Trail Business District.

The matter came before council members during the May 24 governance meeting, resulting in some immediate fixes as well as some long term possibilities.

“It was brought to council’s attention, through a petition, that the East Trail Business District doesn’t have much exposure on way finding signage,” explained the city’s Andrea Jolly, adding, “mostly for the vehicular traffic that’s travelling east and west on the main highway.”

Council approved an update for the two city-owned green signboards, one located at the west entrance of the Victoria Street Bridge and the other, on the north side of Second Avenue and Bailey Street.

Sign upgrades will include direction to the East Trail Business District, giving better exposure to the existing sites and amenities.

“This is really meant for people unfamiliar with the area,” said Jolly. “They are travelling through and not sure where the hospital, downtown, or shopping is. I think subconsciously we look for those things when we are in an unfamiliar driving environment, so that’s what the signage is intended for.”

Additionally, maps in the Cedar Avenue kiosk will be updated to highlighted the east side business area much like the downtown currently is.

“The downtown (map) has an orange colour to identify it as a shopping district, so we’ll do the same for the East Trail district,” Jolly said. “That gives them a little more exposure, makes it consistent and joins everything together as a cohesive area.”

Once the Columbia River Skywalk is complete, council may approve highlighting the Second Avenue intersection further, possibly with a bright red street post.

“We say, ‘minor gateway feature,’ but most people know it as the red street name post,” explained Jolly, referring to the posts located on Pine, Cedar and Bay avenues. “That’s something for council to consider down the road because the intention of those minor gateways are to let people know there is a point of interest and draw them to turn into those areas.”

For now, upgrading existing way signage is a good interim solution, she added. “And as council moves through the next stage of downtown revitalization, they can consider the addition of East Trail.”

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