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Help carve up CBT funds on Thursday

Thursday at the Trail Memorial Centre Gym, give input on how to spend the $100,000 that the Trail & Warfield area have received from the CBT

Everybody likes to spend money.

On Thursday at the Trail Memorial Centre Gymnasium, you can have your say on how to spend the $100,000 that the Trail and Warfield area have received from the Columbia Basin Trust (CBT) for youth aged 12 to 19.

The Community-Directed Youth Funds Workshop starts at 4 p.m. in the gym and will run for three hours in an attempt to ascertain all aspects of how the money should be spent between the two communities.

The CBT’s Community-Directed Youth Fund (CDYF) grant is worth $100,000, but the project must fulfill the caveat of significant youth input and the money must go towards a project for youth. Youth Community Development Centre (YCDC) is hosting the forum to help identify the kinds of youth-based projects people want to establish for Trail and Warfield, with the setting of priorities to accomplish the projects arising in the following months.

The only way the money will flow from the CBT is if a local group can step forward to demonstrate they could work collectively, collaboratively and really come together as a whole to address the variety of needs and issues that are going on in the two communities.

In February the Village of Fruitvale hosted a similar event in a youth forum for young people residing in the Beaver Valley, including Montrose. The workshop created a youth council for the region, the central planner for youth-related activities.

And, as if spending money wasn’t enough, a free dinner is provided. Participants will earn graduation hours and there is an opportunity to win door prizes.

People can contact Liz at YCDC in Trail at 364-3322 or Facebook@Columbia YCDC for more information.