Nelson’s Dr. Nic Sparrow with KERPA’s new heart monitor. Photo: Submitted

Nelson’s Dr. Nic Sparrow with KERPA’s new heart monitor. Photo: Submitted

Kootenay emergency response group gets critical new equipment

KERPA has just purchased a $30,000 heart monitor

Submitted by the Kootenay Emergency Response Physician Association

The Kootenay Emergency Response Physician Association (KERPA) has purchased a critical piece of equipment after a two-year fundraising program.

The new portable, compact, lightweight cardiac monitor can do so much to help our emergency physician, Dr. Nic Sparrow, at the scene of emergencies.

The Zoll X Series cardiac monitor is a state-of-the-art defibrillator that not only provides the ability to shock patients out of life-threatening rhythms but can also monitor critically ill or injured patients. The monitor gives vital information that can be critical to the physician’s decisions about procedures at the scene. Overall, the monitor’s real-time CPR feedback can help improve survival rates of on-scene cardiac arrests.

KERPA’s purpose is to save lives and help the most critically ill and injured patients in our region. The cardiac monitor is an essential tool in providing emergency response services to our community.

The generosity of many contributors including community donors, Columbia Basin Trust, I.O.D.E, Zoll, and Pacific Blue Cross Health Foundation made it possible to finally purchase this $30,000 big-ticket item.

“We cannot thank our contributors enough,” said Sparrow. “To get this piece of equipment, that was more expensive than our emergency vehicle, was a big ask. But as always, the support came through, and I am so grateful.”

The device provider, Zoll, helped sponsor and greatly subsidize the cost while providing us with support and extra equipment. Thank you, Zoll!

The Pacific Blue Cross Health Foundation recognized the potential benefit of the equipment to our region and granted funds that made it possible to purchase the item.

With this major project being complete, KERPA is now raising funds to support $5,000 for medical supplies, medicine and personal protective equipment constantly required for our emergency response. The Our Heart’s Desire campaign is open now.

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