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Meet the Candidates: Cindy Cook

Village of Montrose: Cook, Cindy – Councillor Candidate

I am 49 years old and I share a home with my husband Chris our daughter Anna and the cat.  After being a stay at home mom, I went back to school for retraining. I am now working at Career Development Services doing a job I love.

I have served as a councillor in Montrose for the past nine years and have learned a lot, made some mistakes, and had what I consider some great successes. During my tenure on council, I have participated in the hiring of some exceptional individuals.  Our council has put a lot of effort into finding the right people for the job.  It is, always has been and will continue to be an important facet of our council to ensure our village is providing the best service it can for its residents.

I think many municipalities in B.C. are facing a lot of the same issues. One of the biggest issues we face is infrastructure in constant need of maintenance and up-grading, with age and deterioration more often than not, will need to be replaced.

I feel the first step in addressing any kind of issue is in the planning process and having good management strategies.  Not unlike any other council, in Montrose we are always looking at managing our budget without increasing taxes or compromising services.  Part of this process includes planning ahead and applying for grants as they become available and doing the appropriate maintenance on our facilities.  Working together will ensure continued success for the village.

During my time on Council I am happy to say that we have worked cooperatively in the Beaver Valley to provide many activities and services to the residents. A great example is the Olympic Torch Run. I can say without a doubt that without help from Area A Director Grieve and then Fruitvale Councillor Cecchini this event would have been impossible to pull off.

The biggest challenge over the last three years for me has been the loss of the recreation deal with Trail. I believe in the value to families for those services and would like to see us work together on a new deal.

If elected to another term I will continue to work towards good management and planning for the village, always with an eye toward working cooperatively with our neighbours.