Meet the Candidates: Lynda Bouthillier

Village of Montrose: Bouthiller, Lynda – Councillor Candidate

  • Oct. 23, 2014 11:00 a.m.

Montrose native Lynda Bouthillier is making her first run for a seat on the village council.

She’s a mother of two and grandmother to five boys, all of whom are active in the sports community. Bouthillier regularly volunteers at the senior lunches and teas in Fruitvale and at the Salvation Army.

I love giving back to the people that made the way for us and our children to live in our community.

I believe the number one issue facing our community is our infrastructure needs such as our water and sewer issues that need a tremendous amount of upgrades.

The costs that go along with any infrastructure upgrades and the burden that puts on our taxpayers are of great concern.

I believe that we need to continue to pursue alternate funding routes to relieve the burden on our residents.

I believe sustainability of the Village of Montrose should be our utmost priority. It is my understanding that they are currently in process of a sustainability study.

I highly support looking at all our needs and am very interested in the results. Once we analyze the results, we can then push forward. I want to build community spirit from our young families to our seniors.

I have been working with the seniors by volunteering at the seniors’ friendly lunches and coffee and tea functions and have had the opportunity to speak to many of them about their concerns.

If we can build a strong sense of community spirit, we would have people moving to Montrose looking for a community to call home and that in itself creates sustainability.