Meet the Candidates: Stephen White

Village of Salmo: White, Stephen – Mayor Candidate

  • Oct. 27, 2014 3:00 p.m.

I am a retired public service union officer.  First coming to this area in the 1970s I knew that when the time came to retire this was where I wanted to live.  Salmo is a wonderful community with tremendous potential and we’ve been happy with our decision to make this our home.

My work experience with democratically elected non- profit organizations provides a sound foundation for the work a village mayor must be comfortable with.  My understanding of the various laws governing B.C.  municipalities and how to conduct meetings together with my experience in organizational budgeting will assist the new Council in our work.

I am an active volunteer in my community serving on the Village of Salmo’s Board of Variance, the Board of the Salmo Valley Youth and Recreation Center and the Ymir Schoolhouse Society Board.

The greatest challenge facing a new mayor and council will be regaining the trust of village residents.  With no published audited financial statements since the 2012 statement and so many decisions and agreements reached during inappropriate, secret ‘in camera’ meetings the people of Salmo have been virtually shut out of the democratic process.

The priorities will include an immediate and detailed audit of the village’s finances and financial practices including the ‘no tender’ awarding of contracts.  This must be   followed by a public meeting and full disclosure of the results.  We need to work and share information with our Chamber of Commerce and the various service and other organizations who do so much for this village.  Only by welcoming their input and opinions can we begin to build trust and mend our sense of community.  The practice of holding a question period at the end of each Council meeting, which the current administration ended a year ago, must be reinstated.  The people have a right to know.

To remedy our problems we need a clear financial picture and we need to rebuild relationships.  I look forward to serving our village over the next four years and ask for your support to do so.