Montrose gets OK for water fix

Boil advisory has been in effect for two months

Montrose received the go ahead to upgrade its  well so residents can once again have potable water.

Interior Health okayed the village’s plan to modify its system Tuesday that would see the replacement of valves at its pump houses at Beaver Creek and modifications to its discharge lines.

“We got the go ahead today,” said administrator Kevin Chartres. “We need to set the wells up to diffuse the water and dechlorinate.”

The village has been under a boil water advisory since February when small amounts of coliform were found in its pipes but a problem with valves and the high-pressure pumps halted any progress.

“The static pressure when the line is charged – it pumps all the way up the hill – is at 350 psi. It’s a unique situation when we’re pumping up to our reservoirs, we’re pumping from the check valve up to the tanks is quite an elevation difference,” Chartres said.

The powerful pumps are necessary to get water up the steep grade but too much for discharge at the source.

“With the upgrades we can diffuse that water and put it in an area that is not near the creek.”

Well water is normally released into Beaver Creek so if the lines are flushed with a chlorine solution, they first need to put a diffuser and dechlorinating agent at the discharge point and release water into a safe area where it can be tested before let go.

The village will install a new set of valves that will control water discharge and ensure complete chlorination of the distribution lines, the well and reservoirs.

The costs of the upgrades will be about $25,000, said Chartres.

“No one wants to be on boil water here,” he added. “If you’re in the game of providing a potable water service and it’s not potable, what are people paying their money for.”