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Montrose - Two dogs deemed dangerous

Two Montrose dogs have been declared dangerous after a nasty encounter with a family on Seventh Street.

Two Montrose dogs have been declared dangerous after a nasty encounter with a family on Seventh Street.

The action stems from a reported attack that took place around 7 p.m. on May 30.

Julie George was allegedly walking with two of her children, both under the age of 15, and two of her own dogs on leashes when two other dogs surrounded them in a “pack.”

“The grey dog ran directly after my 10-year-old,” said George in a letter to the Village of Montrose addressing her concerns on May 31. “And at that point, my eldest son (14) placed himself between his brother and the grey dog which resulted in the grey dog attacking my Golden Doodle.”

The George family prevented serious injuries by escaping the attack unscathed by kicking the dogs. Julie expressed concern about how the owners of the dogs reacted when they arrived on the scene.

“They did not inquire as to whether we had been bitten or injured in any way,” she said. “I was in shock by the level of aggression shown by these dogs and (was) completely blind-sighted by the attack.”

Julie contacted the SPCA about the attack and declared that both dogs would be registered as dangerous.

“It’s been taken care of by the SPCA,” said Mayor Joe Danchuk.

Montrose has a bylaw requiring dogs to be on a leash, but the dangerous dog bylaw was repealed in 2004. According to the village’s website, there is no bylaw pertaining to dangerous dogs. In addition, the village does not have a bylaw that requires differentiating fees for licensing vicious dogs. Alternatively there is a bylaw requiring all dogs in the village to be on a leash while they’re away from home.

Meanwhile, Trail’s current city bylaw lumps pitbulls into the vicious dog category, and charges owners $300 to license this breed of dog. While other dogs deemed vicious or not cost $25 with a veterinarian certificate noting the animal has been neutered or $100 if it hasn’t.

Warfield has a bylaw that pertains to dangerous dogs, including pitbulls, but there are no additional licensing fees listed on the village website. However, there is a note indicating that dangerous dogs must be confined indoors or in an enclosed yard at all times.