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Multiple items on agenda at upcoming City of Rossland council meeting

New city hall and changes to property taxes some items on April 6 agenda

City of Rossland councillors are set to have a regular council meeting on April 6. Here’s an overview of what they’ll be discussing.

2020-2024 Financial Plan

City councillors are set to give first reading to their 2020-2024 Financial Plan. Councillors will discuss if they want to change their current 2.5 per cent property tax increase for Rosslanders for 2020.

According to an online board agenda, councillors will discuss whether to keep the property tax increase at 2.5 per cent or lower it to as much as -5 per cent for 2020.

Proposed city hall and residential development

City councillors will discuss whether to issue a development permit for a proposed four-storey development at 1920 Third Avenue in Rossland. If the project goes ahead, city council chambers would be located on the bottom floor of the building and 37 affordable housing units would be located on the above floors.

Impacts of the development on adjacent properties and the type of construction material used for the development will be some of things discussed by city councillors at the meeting.

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New city ticket system

City councillors will decide whether to adopt a new municipal ticket bylaw. If adopted, RCMP and staff would be able to enforce certain bylaws through tickets rather than lay charges through the court system.

Animal, fireworks and business bylaws would be some of the bylaws that authorities could enforce through a ticket.

COVID-19 Update

The city said residents temporarily won’t be allowed to attend open council meetings due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Moving forward, the city said Rosslanders will still be able to see a webcast of the city council meeting afterwards on its website.


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