The RDKB enacted Stage 1 water restrictions on May 1. Photo: Unsplash

The RDKB enacted Stage 1 water restrictions on May 1. Photo: Unsplash

New Kootenay Boundary water saving measures in play

RDKB water conservation restrictions were put into effect on May 1

Guidelines from the new WaterSmart Outdoor Water Conservation program have been introduced to regional ratepayers living in Rivervale, Beaver Valley, and Christina Lake.

Last year, outdoor water use accounted for over 30 per cent of the total water used in the Beaver Valley, 40 per cent in Rivervale, and 50 per cent in Christina Lake.

The Regional District of Kootenay Boundary (RDKB) is undertaking measures to reduce outdoor water usage with the message that “an effective program results in less water treated, reduced stress on infrastructure, lower costs to maintain the water system, and reduced impacts on ecosystems.”

The RDKB’s goal is to reduce water consumption by 20 per cent.

Stage 1 outdoor water conservation measures are in effect now.

This means even numbered addresses can water Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday and odd numbered addresses can water Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.

No one is allowed to water on Mondays.

Anyone with a programmable sprinkler system should update their system to follow the new watering schedule. The RDKB WaterSmart Team will inform residents about modifications and/or measures to follow should drought conditions change.

The RDKB is also offering free water conservation kits to ratepayers in Beaver Valley, Rivervale and Christina Lake.

These kits include a low-flow showerhead, a kitchen faucet aerator, and a bathroom faucet aerator.

All items are easy to install so residents can begin saving water, energy and money right away.

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