No changes to Trail flights yet despite YVR strike notice

A walkout by 350 Union of Canadian Transportation Employees at YVR is not expected to cause any delays or interruptions.

Travellers hoping to take a Pacific Coastal flight from the Trail Regional airport this long weekend shouldn’t experience any flight delays or interruptions if a work stoppage at Vancouver International Airport (YVR) takes effect Friday said an airport spokesperson.

“We don’t anticipate any strike-related delays over the weekend,” Anne Murray, YVR’s vice-president of community and environmental affairs, said in a Canadian Press interview.

“Federal regulation requires a maintenance of activities agreement, which we reached with the union, which specifies essential roles that will be filled during any strike.”

Kevin Boothroyd, spokesperson for Pacific Coastal Airlines, said that YVR staff was responsible for making plans to deal with any strike action.

“Both sides are in eleventh-hour meetings (Wednesday and Thursday), so the whole thing could be resolved,” Boothroyd said. “If something does happen, we would expect to hear from YVR on their contingency plans. Until then we have nothing to add. We just wait and watch like everyone else.”

A walkout by 350 Union of Canadian Transportation Employees who provide services including emergency response, customer care, and maintenance became a possibility after the Public Service Alliance of Canada issued a 72-hour strike notice Tuesday morning.