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PODCAST: Net Zero Ready Townhomes

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Co-hosts Mike and Jennifer-Lee chat with with Streetside Developments about their townhome project, Cascadia, located in Langley, due for completion later this year.

Challenged by senior management to build to a net zero ready high-performance level, Jonathan Meads shares the challenges faced by the building community. Scaling up from a single-family home to a multi-family project is exponentially more challenging, as the industry, government regulations, technology, supply chain, professionals and trades are all on a steep learning curve.

‘The net zero homes offset the energy used. The only difference between a net zero home and a net zero ready home is you haven’t put on the home the ability to capture energy, but it’s been designed so that in the future it can be added. So, it may not have photovoltaics on the roof now, but it has been designed to add it at a later date,’ says Meads.

Packed with information and ideas on the future of townhomes and the benefits of net zero ready living, this episode discovers how building to higher standards in multi-family homes can benefit your family and community, while looking at the challenges and wins faced by Streetside Developments as they adopt a smaller footprint philosophy building net zero ready townhomes.

‘The one thing I think that is coming, that could be a big game changer, that avoids the battery pack, per se, is the next generation of electric vehicles actually have the ability to power homes. And if they are plugged in at the right time, you can send power back and forth. So now you could be charging your vehicle during the day. These cars are so intelligent,’ says Meads.

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