Voting day for the municipal by-election is April 4. File photo.

Voting day for the municipal by-election is April 4. File photo.

Rossland byelection postponed

City asks province for permission to delay due to coronavirus

The provincial government has moved to delay the Rossland byelection that was scheduled for April 4.

It was one of four scheduled votes — two other byelections and a referendum — that have been postponed to “help ensure residents are not required to gather in polling stations and will free up local government resources to focus on dealing with the impact of COVID-19.”

“I know that local governments are working hard to keep their communities safe and protected during this pandemic,” Minister Selina Robinson said. “… After consulting with our public health officials and local governments, I have signed a ministerial order postponing byelections and referendums in these communities so they can focus on protecting their residents.”

The cities of Victoria and Rossland had byelections set for April 4, and Lytton had a byelection set for April 25. Kamloops had a referendum scheduled for April 4.

“In light of the recent announcements from the provincial and federal governments regarding provisions to limit the spread of COVID-19, the ability to hold a fair and accessible byelection within the City of Rossland is compromised,” Alison Worford, chief returning officer, announced earlier this week.

“Therefore, staff forwarded correspondence to [the province] to authorize the cancellation or postponement of the city’s scheduled byelection until the COVID-19 pandemic is declared over.”

The byelection was called in January after the resignation of first-time councillor Scott Forsyth.

Three people have declared their candidacy for the position.

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