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Rossland Masks4All campaign makes 2400 masks

The campaign ran from April to November

Sewers made an incredible 2400 masks for Rossland residents during a #Masks4All campaign in the city.

The campaign was launched by mayor Kathy Moore, the Rossland Rotary Club and physicians in April and it ran until November.

Campaign volunteers helped to ensure the masks were accessible to all residents.

“When we started, it really wasn’t easy to get masks. Most people weren’t making them and it was difficult to go on the internet and buy them like you can today,” said Moore.

“We saw a need and were able to fulfill it with the help of these incredible campaign volunteers.”

Sewers dropped off the masks they made at Moore’s house where she packaged them. They were then distributed weekly to Alpine Drug Market and Ferraro Foods so people could pick them up.

“We decided to just pick those two locations so that people always knew where they’d be available,” said Moore.

Thirty sewers each made between six and 100 masks to help with the campaign. They also made different sizes of masks so both children and adults could wear them.

Four of the volunteers that made over 100 masks were given a $100 cheque for their efforts.

The RRC, which is a not-for-profit organization, helped to raise $3000 in donations for the campaign for the Rossland Food Bank. The money will help the food bank keep its shelves full for the upcoming winter.

An additional $3,000 was also raised from the campaign to help purchase supplies like fabrics, filters and nose pieces.

The #Masks4All campaign is a worldwide initiative to get more people to wear masks and slow the spread of COVID-19.

Wearing non-medical masks can help to protect others from contracting COVID-19, according to the Canadian government.

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