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Runaway minivan rolls off Hwy. 3 near Midway

Details still unclear after the vehicle wheeled off a flat stretch of road, with no one inside
A minivan stands right-side-up after taking a short trip down a slope off of Highway 3, near Midway Sunday, Oct. 17. Photo: Submitted

West Boundary firefighters were left scratching their heads Sunday, Oct. 17, after an unoccupied minivan fell off Highway 3, east of the Village of Midway.

Mike Daloise, Chief at Midway Fire and Rescue, said the minivan’s engine was running when at around 12:30 p.m. it rolled backwards off a “fairly flat” roadside pullout near the intersection of Norwegian Creek Road. The vehicle stayed on its wheels as it careened down the 30-foot slope the vehicle sustained extensive damage to its undercarriage, having stayed on its wheels on its way toward the creek.

Speaking to The Times on Monday, Midway RCMP’s Cpl. Phil Peters said the driver, an elderly Greenwood woman, had driven onto the pullout when she realized her sliding passenger door was slightly ajar. She then got out to shut the door, only to chase after the minivan which had been left in reverse.

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The woman was assessed by paramedics after Peters said she was knocked to the ground in an attempt to get into the moving vehicle. There were no people or animals in the minivan when it went over, he said.

Paramedics released the woman at the scene, having determined that she’d suffered relatively minor injuries. Responding firefighters found no fluid leaks under the vehicle.

Daloise said Sunday’s incident was commanded by the Greenwood Volunteer Fire Department (GVD).



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