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Teck outlines economic contributions to Trail area

To read the full report, visit:
Teck Trail ops seen from downtown Trail. Photo: Sheri Regnier

According to an economic contribution report released by Teck Resources Ltd. on Tuesday, Trail operations has generated $1.1 billion in total economic contributions to the area; created or sustained over 3,455 jobs (direct and indirect); and contributed $21.4 million in taxes and government revenues to governments at direct, indirect and induced levels.

“Our people are proud to contribute to the communities and jurisdictions where we operate, including Trail, through creation of family-supporting jobs, economic activity, and revenue to governments to support essential services like education and healthcare,” Jonathan Price, Teck Resources CEO, said in a Dec. 20 statement. “These economic contributions are directly linked with our work to responsibly provide critical minerals essential to modern society and for the global transition to a low-carbon economy.”

Prepared by Deloitte, Teck’s annual economic contribution report details the economic benefits created in the communities and jurisdictions where Teck operates, including payments to suppliers, employee wages and benefits, and payments to governments.

It captures not only Teck’s direct economic impacts, but also the indirect impacts which arise from generating demand for goods and services provided by suppliers, and the induced impacts which arise from the spending of salaries and wages earned as a result of its operations.

To read the full report, visit:

About Teck

As one of Canada’s leading mining companies, Teck is committed to responsible mining and mineral development with major business units focused on copper, zinc, and steelmaking coal. Green metals and high-quality steelmaking coal are required for the transition to a low-carbon world. Headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, Teck’s shares are listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbols TECK.A and TECK.B and the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol TECK. Learn more about Teck at or follow @TeckResources.

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