Telus addresses Trail’s smart phone demands

The growing trend of smart phones has triggered a response from Telus.

The growing trend of smart phones has triggered a response from Telus.

The residents of Trail can expect to see a $700,000 cash injection aimed at increasing the speed and reliability of wireless Internet services to aid the demands of smart phones.

This investment could be viewed as part of an on-going financial contribution to the area to address customer concerns, namely the hit or miss cell phone service that plagues residents in Greater Trail.

“Think of it like this, if you’ve got a highway that’s three lanes wide,” said Shawn Hall, Telus Media Relations, “and traffic is getting congested you can add more lanes—essentially we’re adding more lanes so that there’s more room for the increased traffic on our wireless infrastructure.”

Telus expects to add more antennas to the telephone poles that currently exist in Trail.

Previously, Telus added a separate contribution of $250,000 as a response to complaints about cell phone reception near Waneta Plaza, the Trail Airport and the Kootenay Boundary Regional Hospital.

Telus’ $700,000 investment will enhance our world-class wireless network and improve Internet speeds for business and households right here in Trail,” said Steve Jenkins, general manager of customer solutions for the community for Telus in a recent press release.

An average of $650,000 will be donated to many rural communities located throughout the province, including places like Appledale, Boswell, Christina Lake, Thrums and Trout Lake.