Despite the snow-covered work site

Despite the snow-covered work site

Trail council okays loans

The panel approved two financial recommendations to cover the project's $8.3 million construction costs.

Construction of the new library/museum hit a little snag recently which may delay its fall opening but the setback isn’t because of all the snow piled up.

Rather, it has to do with a one-of-a-kind element designed for the Trail Riverfront Centre.

“The snow has not necessarily had a significant impact on the schedule,” says David Perehudoff, chief administrative officer for Trail. “There has been an issue with the structural steel design that has now been addressed.”

Additional time and effort was required to amend shop drawings so the steel could be ordered and fabricated, he clarified. “The issue pertains to the structural roof beams where the original design showed them as being continuous.”

Given the size of the beams, difficulty was identified in terms of shipping and there were concerns regarding potential deviations, Perehudoff added.

“That could have then impacted the roof in terms of connecting the steel panels and ensuring there were no issues with buckling.”

The design was modified for the beams to be shipped in pieces and assembled on site.

“This issue could impact the final schedule and it is hoped if there is time lost that is can be picked during other aspects of construction,” he said, noting the city is meeting with the Project Manager today (Wednesday).

Structural work resumed this week, utility connections are being finalized, including electrical, sanitary, water and storm. In addition, crews are completing the foundations and perimeter rigid insulation is being installed.

Ground broke for the $8.3 million integrated facility back in October, one day after Teck Trail Operations announced a $1.6 million donation toward the project.

The company committed $500,000 in 2016, with the balance borrowed by the City of Trail and repayment support by Teck donations over a multi-year term.

Trail council took this into account during the Monday governance meeting when the panel approved two financial recommendations to cover project construction. The first resolution authorized a $6.3 million loan over a 25-year term and the second, almost $1.1 million over a 10-year term.

“The Security Issuing Resolutions that were approved will ensure the city is part of the Spring Municipal Finance Authority debenture issuance,” Perehudoff said. “There are two separate bylaws with Bylaw 2809 being linked to the agreement with Teck Metals Ltd. who will directly pay for the annual debt payments over a period of ten years.”