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Trail crews re-jig snow removal priorities as storm blows in

Direct any snow-related questions to Trail public works at 250.364.0840

The City of Trail is updating residents regarding snow removal as another storm blankets the city with precipitation.

Cold temperatures are bumping against warm Pacific air and bringing fluffy snow to all of southern B.C.

Snow is expected to continue this morning and begin to taper in the afternoon.

Crews have postponed the snow removal scheduled for today on the 1100, 1200, and 1300 blocks of Second Avenue, so they can transfer resources to clean the downtown core tonight.

Crews will look to continue with removal on Second Avenue on Thursday, Dec. 22, and Daniel Street on Friday, Dec. 23.

Once crews complete the scheduled removals, they will begin removing snow piles in dead ends and cul-de-sacs.

All available resources are out today working on the city’s snow clearing priorities:

– three 5-ton belly plows

– two 3-ton front blade plows

– one trackless sidewalk unit

– two front end loaders

– one grader

– one skid steer

Direct any snow-related questions to Trail public works at 250.364.0840.

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