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Trail elects a new mayor and council

Preliminary results after voting closed Saturday at 8 p.m., includes results from two advanced polls
Mayor Elect Colleen Jones

The new Mayor of Trail is: COLLEEN JONES

Mayoral Candidates Vote Counts:

Colleen Jones — 1,310 — 53.9 per cent

Lisa Pasin — 1,078 — 44.4 per cent — incumbent


The City of Trail’s six elected councillors are: Bev Benson, Terry Martin, Nick Cashol, Doug Wilson, Thea Hanson, and Paul Butler.

Bev Benson 1,681 — 69.2%

Terry Martin 1,542 63.5%

Nick Cashol 1,397 — 57.5%

Doug E Wilson 1,343 — 55.3%

Thea Hanson 1,304 — 53.7%

Paul Butler 1,009 — 41.5% Incumbent

Ravi Gandha 814 — 33.5%

Rebecca Richards 799 — 32.9%

Donovan Brown 561 — 23.1%

Carol Dobie 560 — 23.1% Incumbent

Bryan DeFerro 554 — 22.8%

Jeff Jones 524 — 21.6%

Glen Byle 393 — 16.2%


The City of Trail has reported voter turnout at 36.9 per cent.

Notably, all these results are preliminary, a determination of final election results will be made on Monday, Oct. 17.

Total votes cast: 2,429

Eligible voters: 6,481



After four years as a Trail city councillor, Colleen Jones is ready for the next step in her career — running for mayor in the city she’s called home for most of her life. Jones spent 32 years in a management role for the provincial government, negotiating and bargaining for employees at all levels. Her extensive experience has made her a strong team builder and skilled leader. Jones brings a fresh perspective to how people can live, thrive, and connect in a revitalized Trail. An active community member, she often works side-by-side with her fellow citizens and is focused on collaborative decision-making and advocating on behalf of her peers. Jones is proud that her grandchildren will be the fourth generation of her family to live, work, and play in the City of Trail. She is passionate about making a lasting difference for everyone. New leadership for a better Trail: Just Vote Jones. Why did Colleen decide to run for Trail mayor? I really care about the Trail community. It’s important to me to connect with everyone, at every level. I want to hear the voices of the people of my city so we can work together toward positive change. I have a vision for a safe, healthy, and respectful community. One of the most important ways citizens can impact their community is by voting; elections are the only time we get to exercise our democratic right and vote to make a difference. With your support, I’m committed to continuing to work in the best interest of our future!

Sheri Regnier

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