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Trail public works projects moving forward, while new shop roof delayed

Selkirk Paving Ltd retained the contract for the 2021 Capital Pavement Program (CPP) at the Trail’s Governance and Operations Committee (GOC) meeting, Aug. 16.

Selkirk Paving has held the paving contract since the program was implemented in 2019, and has resurfaced approximately 18,700 square meters of city roadway using both micro-surfacing treatment and asphalt replacement.

The CPP contract is worth just under $300,000, with the program going into its third year.

Power Paving also submitted a bid that was deemed incomplete and was significantly more than the Selkirk Paving bid.

• The Lower Centennial Irrigation Replacement Project bid was awarded to AL-VA Irrigation Ltd for $96,000.

The bid came in $4,750 over budget but funds from the Haley Park Diamond Remediation project will be redirected towards the irrigation project.

AL-VA Irrigation was the only bid. The company has completed similar projects for the city and is familiar with the current Lower Centennial system.

• Pople Park, Austad Lane Park, and Upper Sunningdale Park will soon be getting new swingsets.

The GOC awarded a bid of just over $105,000 to Green Roots Equipment Inc. for the supply and installation of swing sets in the respective Trail parks.

Rather than replace the playground in Haley Park, at the recommendation of staff, the city would use the funds to remove the aging swing set at Pople Park and purchase two new swingsets for Pople and Austad Lane Parks.

The removal and replacement of the swing-sets at Upper Sunningdale Park was already part of the 2021 Capital Plan with $36,000 already allocated.

The city received four bids. Green Roots was the lowest bid and scored highest on an evaluation process that considered price, design, experience, warranty and scheduling, scoring 95 out of 100.

• The committee also delayed the replacement of the Public Works Department’s carpenter shop roof.

Following an inspection by IRC Building Science Group, the roof, which is more than 24 year old, was deemed at the end of its life span.

IRC recommended the roof be completely replaced within the next two years, however, the city only received one bid after consulting with four different companies in June.

That lone bid from BF Roofing was deemed excessive by IRC and staff recommended that council postpone construction.

BF Roofing’s bid came in at almost $110,000, while the city’s budget was approximately $76,000.

According to Bryan Maloney, the city’s purchasing and mechanical superintendent, “Labour and material costs have risen significantly due to elements related to the global pandemic. Economic conditions should correct, strengthening labour markets and lowering material costs in the year to come.”

• Marwest Industries will replace the water and sewer system on Milligan Ave. in West Trail. Council approved a joint bid from Marwest of almost $374,000, in concert with True Consulting who will perform contract administration and construction management duties for $45,000.

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