Trail mayor relieved Teck project delayed not cancelled

Mayor Dieter Boggs is disappointed that the e-waste project is not moving ahead, but is relieved that it has not been cancelled.

One of the major proponents of the big e-waste furnace project at Teck Trail Operations was disappointed it was not moving ahead as planned, but was encouraged it had not been cancelled.

Dieter Bogs said he did not like that construction of Teck’s $210 million No. 4 Furnace project was indefinitely put on hold Oct. 24 after “uncertain global economic conditions” forced the company to defer the project, but he knew it was not an essential component to its operation.

The furnace project was viewed as a diversification of the operations in Trail.

“All companies are finding … they have to diversify to stay in business in the long term,” Bogs said. “So, from that perspective, diversification and the e-waste is very important.”

He felt the market would sort itself out of its roller coaster ride, and then the e-waste project would be back on the program.

The No. 4 Furnace Project was designed to increase Teck’s capacity for recycling end-of-life electronics. However,  current end-of-life electronics and lead acid battery recycling will not be impacted by deferral.

When Teck announced the construction of the furnace last year, it included the construction of a new $125-million slag fuming furnace and settling furnace at the No. 1 acid plant.

Bogs was pleased the company was continuing with the building of the acid plant, however, since it is expected to have a significant impact on the health and environment of the community.

“It also shows the company intends to continue to operate the Trail Operations for a long time in Trail,” he said.

The deferral of the furnace project is the only one to affect Trail Operations.