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Trail RCMP: Mislaid shotgun, inadvertent alert, and tagger sought

Police brief from the Trail and Greater District RCMP
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The night of Friday, Dec. 9, the Trail RCMP were called to an apartment building on Brookside Road in Fruitvale, to follow up on a report about a guitar case containing a shotgun.

Police attended the location and seized the weapon.

The officer arrested the alleged owner, a 27-year-old Fruitvale man, who unintentionally had left the shotgun outside of the apartment building while he went to watch a hockey game. The officer later released him on several conditions.

As part of his release, the man turned over two more rifles, two crossbows, and ammunition.

Trail RCMP say they will be recommending criminal charges.

Smart alert?

Saturday morning, (Dec. 10), a Trail RCMP officer received an emergency alert from someone’s smart watch, notifying police that its owner had been in a “severe car accident,” in Rossland. GPS coordinates were provided as part of the message. Officers and Emergency Health Services conducted extensive patrols for the supposed car crash; however, the search turned up empty.

Additionally, first responders did not receive a report of a motor vehicle accident in the Rossland area.

RCMP officers later learned that there is a new feature offering automatic alerts from cell phones and smart watches when a motor vehicle incident is detected. The investigating officers concluded that someone may have fallen while skiing at the local resort and the fall triggered the severe car accident alert.

“Please be aware if your cell phone and smart watch provide this service,” Sgt. Mike Wicentowich advises. “And notify the police if it triggered accidentally.”


Sunday morning (Dec. 11), police responded to a call originating from downtown Trail wherein the person reported one man was choking another man with a chain. Officers attended, though the alleged “choker,” a 19-year old Trail man, had fled the scene after the attack.

Later that evening, officers located and arrested the suspect without incident. He was released on several conditions and a future court date. Trail RCMP is recommending one count of assault with a weapon to Crown counsel.

Tagger tips

Sunday, Dec. 11, a Trail RCMP officer received a report about a vehicle being sprayed painted with a phallic symbol, also known as a “tag,” in the 1400 block of Fifth Avenue, in Trail. Police say other tags matching the one on the vehicle were located in the vicinity.

The vandalism is suspected to have occurred overnight between 7:30 p.m. and 6:15 a.m.

Witnesses or anyone who can identity the vandal is asked to call the Trail detachment at 250.364.2566 to speak to an investigator.

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