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Warfield crews deal with sinkhole in Annable

Warfield is hoping it solved the issue of a sinkhole that suddenly appeared Monday morning.
A sinkhole appeared along Haig St. on Monday. By Wednesday the Village of Warfield assessed the area and determined run off water was the cause and began refilling the hole.

The Village of Warfield is hoping it has solved the issue of a sinkhole that suddenly appeared on Monday morning in Annable.

Jackie Patridge, Corporate Officer for Warfield, said the village dispatched an engineer to review the site on Haig St., and attempt to determine the source of the issue.

“We have the problem area blocked off,” she said in an email reply on Tuesday. “Residents should refrain from trying to go anywhere near the area.

“The problem with sink holes is that they can spread and sink even further without notice.”

On Wednesday she said the village crew located an old water line but discovered that it wasn’t the source of the problem.

“We are now assuming the cause of the sinkhole is run off ground water,” added Patridge. “We are currently filling the sinkhole. That section of the road should be open to traffic (Thursday).”

Brian Ursulak, who lives along Haig St., said the road was fine at 7:30 a.m. on Monday morning but by 9 a.m. and large sinkhole, enough to swallow a small car, appeared.

“The corner, where the stop sign is has dropped at least two inches in the last couple of days,” he told the Trail Times. “There’s a hole on my side of the fence and the driveway in line with that is sunk right down. And also through the middle of my carport there’s cracks in the dirt.

“I have no doubt the corner of my yard, where the stop sign is, is going. Every morning I wake up and I’m amazed the stop sign is still there.”

He said it doesn’t appear his insurance with help cover the damage to his property.

“It’s not looking good for me,” he said, adding he’s meeting with his insurance company later on Wednesday.