Warfield – Dog destroyed after attack

A pitbull has been destroyed after attacking a group of children in Warfield last month.

A pitbull has been destroyed after attacking a group of children in Warfield last month.

The action stems from a reported attack on Forrest Drive that took place on April 29.

“There was seven children in the backyard and three of them were attacked by the dog,” said commissionaire Elizabeth Norman. “From what I understand the kids were playing the backyard, and the dog hopped over the fence and just went after them.”

Some of the children were protected from the bites by clothing, but one young boy suffered from bite marks on his hamstring and behind his ear.

According to Vince Morelli, the chief administrative officer for the Village of Warfield, the pitbull’s owner doesn’t normally live in the area.

“This is all heresy,” said Morelli, “But, I guess (the owner) was in the middle of moving and while he was doing some renos, he brought the dog out to his parents.”

Norman said the other families did not return her calls to follow up on the injuries that the children sustained.

Morelli spoke to the victims and said that the families were happy about how quickly the problem was addressed.

“I had told (the owner) the only option I had was to get a court order to have the dog seized and dealt with,” said Morelli, “but he did it voluntarily.”

Warfield has a bylaw that pertains to dangerous dogs, including pitbulls, but there are no additional licensing fees listed on the Village of Warfield’s website. However, there is a note indicating that dangerous dogs must be confined indoors or in an enclosed yard at all times to prevent them from escaping.

Meanwhile, Trail’s current city bylaw lumps pitbulls into the vicious dog category, and charges owners $300 to license this breed of dog. While other dogs deemed vicious or not cost $25 with a veterinarian certificate noting the animal has been neautered or $100 if it hasn’t.

For more information on bylaws, visit http://warfield.ca/bylaws.htm