Warfield today. (Image Warfield IOCP)

Warfield today. (Image Warfield IOCP)

Warfield land use under the magnifying glass

Warfield Council focuses on across-the-board update of re-zoning bylaws

How people live in Warfield, and businesses exist, has changed considerably over time.

That’s why council is now focusing on an across-the-board update of aged land-use regulations otherwise known as the village zoning bylaw.

For this renewal work, the municipality issued a request for proposals last month, with a closing date of Sept. 8.

The ultimate goal of this project is to complete an overhaul of the village’s zoning bylaw and to replace it with one that is technically sound and “user friendly.”

Additional objectives involve the inclusion of sustainable policies related to land use, inclusion of regulations to address specific land use issues, and consistency within the bylaw.

Mayor Diane Langman says the zoning bylaw dates to 1984 but has been subject to numerous amendments over the years.

“Land use best practices have changed significantly over the 36 years since the bylaw was passed and should be reflected in the village’s land use regulations,” she told the Times.

“The IOCP was adopted in 2017 and the public vision stated in that document, should provide direction in the new zoning bylaw. The many amendments to it, and outdated references in it, make the zoning bylaw difficult to read and interpret by the public/residents and it is time-consuming to administer by staff,” she explained.

“This is an opportunity to engage residents and renew the bylaw to reflect the current village environment and culture.”

The IOCP Langman is referring to is the Integrated Official Community Plan, which is a document that is used as a guideline for all future decision-making including, but not limited to, municipal plans, policies and bylaws.

The ongoing pandemic will likely quash or limit subsequent community meetings regarding the new zoning bylaw, but the respective document should be available for public viewing on the village’s website in coming months.

The first property in Warfield was purchased in Annable in 1897.

In 1899, the Annables started the Hintz Dairy and by 1910 a post office was established. In 1912, the Annable School on Montcalm Road was opened and in 1931 the Annable Hall was constructed (it was torn down in the 1980s).

The Cominco Mining & Smelting Company, now Teck Resources, purchased the Hintz farm and proceeded to build 150 low cost, colourful “Mickey Mouse homes” in Upper Warfield in 1938.

In 1949, JL Webster Elementary School was opened and in 1952, the Village of Warfield was incorporated.

The Warfield Community Hall was opened in 1955, and the Warfield Centennial Pool opened in 1967.

The Village of Warfield remains a small family-focused community. Amenities and services include the elementary school, an outdoor pool, recreation trails and neighbourhood parks, a community hall, a liquor store, and a gas station.

The current population is roughly 1,700.



Warfield land use under the magnifying glass