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Water advisory for Waneta Junction lifted

The Water Quality Advisory for Waneta Junction properties was rescinded by the city late Monday.
After receiving approval from Interior Health on Monday, the City of Trail officially rescinded the Water Quality Advisory for properties in Waneta Junction. (Google maps)

The Water Quality Advisory for Waneta Junction properties was officially rescinded late Monday.

Approximately 60 homes and businesses along Highway 22A have been under advisory by the City of Trail and Interior Health since last week, when low level coliform bacteria were detected in the water.

Although the level was very low, under Canadian drinking water standards, coliform counts must be zero.

Notably, the water itself wasn’t the source of bacteria - other reservoirs and systems serviced by the Bear Creek Well remain clear.

The Green Gables reservoir and its distribution system, located above Trail Canadian Tire, supplies Waneta Junction, and was suspected to be the root of the problem.

After flushing respective mains with chlorine, the city sent off water samples to a certified lab on Friday. Monday afternoon the city received approval from Interior Health to rescind the advisory.

A Water Quality Advisory indicates a level of risk associated with drinking water and informs those with weakened immunity to boil water for at least one minute and exercise caution washing produce, making beverages or ice and brushing teeth. However, conditions do not warrant a boil water or do-not-use water notice.

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