With waters falling, RDCK rescinds evacuation alerts

With waters falling, RDCK rescinds evacuation alerts

Residents of Salmo, Slocan can stand down for now

Residents of the Salmo area and parts of the Slocan Valley can breathe a little easier after authorities rescinded evacuation alerts for the two regions.

The Regional District of Central Kootenay announced Monday it was rescinding evacuation alerts for properties in Salmo and parts of RDCK Electoral Area G that have been in place for two weeks. The evacuation alert for Salmo was originally issued on May 14 due to the danger of potential flooding. The alert was expanded along Erie Creek to Erie Lake and along the Salmo River to Ymir two days later.

Evacuation alerts for parts of Slocan Valley, which have been in place since May 17, have also been rescinded.

“I’d like to thank everyone who has been living with these alerts for their patience as we have been monitoring and assessing any continued flooding danger over the past week,” said Andrew Bellerby, the RDCK Emergency Operations Centre director. “Thankfully, at this time, the water levels have receded, and the immediate danger of flooding has passed.”

Sandbagging has been the priority, and firefighters and volunteers from across the region having been working together to help communities be prepared. “It was great to see residents and volunteers working alongside firefighters from across the region, filling and placing sandbags to help keep any floodwater at bay in vulnerable areas,” said Chief Bellerby. “Thank you to everyone who contributed to this effort, and for taking all other steps to be flood prepared.”

Residents can keep up-to-date with emergency situations by visiting the RDCK Emergency website.

The Regional District Central Kootenay also rescinded the Water Quality Advisory issued for South Slocan Water System on Monday. It issued the advisory two months ago as a precautionary measure, as spring runoff can result in increased turbidity levels.

Ongoing routine testing of turbidity levels indicate that they are now acceptable.