Airport’s future impacts everyone

“Larry, Larry, quite contrary. How does your garden grow?”

“Larry, Larry, quite contrary.  How does your garden grow?”

Not very well, it seems. (Trail airport service review grounded, Trail Times, November 28)

Alas, some of our regional district partners would rather we grew “ortiche”, commonly known as nettles, than improve the Trail airport at Waneta.

I can understand some of our partners are unwilling (or unable) to contribute more funding to the overall improvement of air service to the area.  What I don’t understand however is why some of our partners don’t want the coalition of the willing to undertake the task of growing the airport “garden”.

It makes one want to wail, “Please, release me, let me go.”  (Apologies to Engelbert Humperdinck.)

On Thursday, November 29, the Times reported how a committee of the willing (WK Transit open houses will help shape the future) actually listened to the ground transportation needs of area students.

This coalition managed to get everyone on board to develop a bus service to Castlegar, Nelson, Trail, Nakusp and the Slocan.  Kudos and continued success growing a transit “garden”.

Would that our regional district contrarians get on board to improve air service.  No such luck, it seems.

So, if you have complaints about your latest air travel misadventures out of or into Castlegar airport, don’t keep grumbling to yourselves.  Rather, get up the courage and call Larry Gray, Chair, RDKB and let him hear you.

Rose Calderon