B.C. ignoring facts on smart meters

"Unlike cell phones, tablets and some other wireless devices, smart meters cannot be turned off."

As a retired Canadian Armed Forces captain with 22 years’ experience in Electronic Warfare, Radio Warfare  and Signals Intelligence, I am very concerned that the Minister of Health and the Minister of Energy – as a minimum – are being, at best, inadvertently misled or, at worst, deliberately deceived, about the known harmful bio-effects humans and all life forms experience when chronically exposed to low-level, non-thermal, pulsed microwave radiation such as is emitted by smart meter-based meshed-networks 24/7/365 in perpetuity.

Unlike cell phones, tablets and some other wireless devices, smart meters cannot be turned off.

I am very concerned that British Columbia’s own Provincial Health Officer, Dr. Perry Kendall, stubbornly refuses to accept the constantly-growing number of studies from truly world-class scientists providing irrefutable evidence that chronic, low-level non-thermal pulsed radiation is very harmful to humans and all life forms.

Inexplicably, he stubbornly prefers to echo and defend Health Canada’s disproven claims that Canadians are protected from all electromagnetic radiation by Safety Code 6 – which Health Canada’s own senior scientist has stated publicly is untrue!

I am also concerned that Dr. Perry Kendall does not have as his No. 1 priority the safety of British Columbians.

Were this the case, based on the ever-growing independent scientific evidence available, he would long ago have implemented a BC radiation Exposure Limit that would protect British Columbians against all forms of electromagnetic radiation. He should be fired!

I am also concerned that British Columbia’s own Public Health Act does not even mention electromagnetic radiation, which independent scientists globally claim is the biggest single threat to human health in this century!

Surely, this is part of Dr. Perry Kendall’s responsibility? I am concerned, disappointed and angry that BCUC is allowing Fortis BC to charge customers an ‘Opt Out’ fee for wanting nothing more than to simply protect themselves and their families from chronic low-level, non-thermal pulsed microwave radiation, which non-industry funded scientists around the world now know causes cancer (see the BioInitiative 2012 Report). This is nothing short of extortion!

Given that it was BC Hydro who originally introduced smart meters to Mr.. Gordon Campbell’s administration, I am concerned,that the current Chief of Staff is the former Chairman of BC Hydro. How can he possibly remain impartial or objective when he vets or screens any communications intended for you that criticizes in any way wireless smart meters?

Jerry FlynnKelowna