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B.C. seniors advocay groups responds to election platforms

BC Seniors Living Assn is dedicated to being a valuable source for development, education and growth
Lee Coonfer. Photo: BCSLA

On the eve of B.C.’s provincial election, BC Seniors Living Association (BCSLA) released a comprehensive position paper reflecting the private pay independent living, assisted living and long term care operator’s response to election platforms released by B.C.’s political parties.

The position paper outlines the association member’s position that private pay independent living, assisted living and long term care operators are a partner of the provincial government, fulfilling a need to meet the seniors housing and services demand today, and into the future.

The paper acknowledges that it is the private sector that will be able to help the province meet the growing demand for seniors housing, and has the project development, risk mitigation and service experience to help meet this demand efficiently and effectively.

Although a self-regulated sector, the private pay operators, particularly independent living, were overlooked when policy decisions were being made with regards to pandemic pay and establishing guidelines for Infection Prevention Control (IPC) and visitation guidelines.

“It is important for our association to remind the government and public that there is one senior’s population in BC,” said BCSLA CEO, Lee Coonfer. “We need to ensure that all seniors are included and accommodated when decisions are being made by the government, including those seniors who choose to reside in private pay independent and assisted living and long term care communities.”

About the BC Seniors Living Association:

BC Seniors Living Association is a voluntary, membership-driven organization dedicated to being a valuable source for member development, education and growth.

The organization works to promote and protect the best interests of its members in BC. The four cornerstones of BCSLA is actively advocating, educating, mediating and celebrating retirement communities and their residents. For more information, please visit the group’s website: