Boundary changes not workable for any MP

A response to the letter to the editor published August 27.

There appears to be a constant barrage of criticism coming from the pen of long-time Liberal activist, Rose Calderon.  The latest “attack” published August 27 (Letters to the Editor ‘What we have now isn’t working for many of us”) was directed against my comments on the proposed federal electoral boundary changes.

The concerns I have expressed about the proposed boundary changes are not unlike those brought forward by our former Conservative MP 10 years ago.

What the Electoral Boundary Commission is proposing is simply not workable for any MP, regardless of party affiliation.  This is what I have attempted to outline to my municipal colleagues.

Ms. Calderon’s comments on the riding belonging to a governing party simply do not make any sense.   In spite of being represented by opposition MPs for a number of years, our riding has seen a fair amount of federal funding come our way.

This is a result of the hard work on the ground by those submitting the applications.  What I and my predecessor have done is to support those applications.

When a government gives out money solely based on party affiliation, this is called “pork barrelling” and is morally and ethically wrong and an affront to dedicated municipal government officials right across this country.

As a final note, I would like to add that, if the current Conservative government continues on its destructive path, our riding just might be represented by a “governing party” after the next federal election.

Alex Atamanenko

MP BC Southern Interior