Climate alarmists create profitable career

"the current temperature of the globe remains well within historical and natural fluctuations"

This is quite the story that continues to be perpetuated. Back about 15 years ago, we were warned that by now, our global temperatures would be rising beyond control by virtue of positive feed back loops; the oceans would be flooding port cities; reportedly polar bears were already rapidly becoming extinct; and we’d be beyond the “tipping point” by now, heading for unavoidable ever-hotter Armageddon.

Well, reality has apparently softened the blow, since none of these things are even real issues, in spite of the inexorable and incessant rise in atmospheric CO2 over this same period, and for even much longer.

Apparently now, (in hindsight I suppose) we still have time to avoid the calamity.  All we have to do is keep these climate alarmists employed via public dollars so they can keep us informed as to the best ways to avoid the coming disaster.

Of course we (the unwashed but ever-faithful public) can accomplish this only by following their advice and get more serious about buying into the ideas and businesses that promote (and prosper by) the curtailment of fossil fuel consumption, and replacing the never-ending need for energy with windmills, solar panels, and converting much more of the poor’s food (corn) into alcohol to be burned by our gas-hungry vehicles.

The reality is that this fear-mongering will go on for a much longer time, in spite of the lack of evidence for anthropogenic global warming, and in spite of the absence of an honest-to-goodness scientific explanation for CO2 being even capable of causing (future) global warming.

I say future because the current temperature of the globe remains well within historical and natural fluctuations.

The real science clearly indicates (to anyone with the necessary knowledge of the principles involved, and willing to do the research) that a continuing increase of atmospheric CO2 levels cannot possibly result in an over-heated globe.

Why will the fear-mongering persist then? Well, the answer is simply money and survival of self (meaning the alarmist self).

These climate alarmists fall into several different categories, but what they all have in common is a personal need (often financial) to perpetuate the fear. Their personal future depends upon the rest of us believing, or at least not disbelieving, their hype.

That future often revolves around a steady and decent financial income, or sometimes its involves maintaining some degree of political power (big time to small time). Often it’s just an identity thing. How would you like to have revolved your entire working life around the promotion of anthropogenic global warming, only to find out the concept has absolutely no intelligent merit?

Not exactly ego boosting!

I wonder what the scare will change to next. First it was global cooling, then it was Y2K (remember that one?), then it was global warming, and currently it’s climate change.

I love that one – “climate change.”

Considering that the climate has been changing since the beginning of time, this scare might last a very long time. Isn’t it grand that one can get rich so easily, and without even contributing anything positive to society.

Russ Babcock